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The first official inscribed version of a Babylonian compendium is from 86 BC, but by using modern astronomical techniques an astronomer at Louisiana State University has dated the original observations to 1,370 BC, give or take 100 years.

He also says the observations were made within 100km of 35.1 N.

which appear to date from 2,800 BC, probably from the Mediterranean region, devised for the navigators of ships.

They include huge bears and serpents which marked the celestial pole and equator at that time, and probably the four anonymous giants which we know as Hercules, Ophiuchus, Bootes, and Auriga, as well as some of the large southern 'marine' 'There has been much speculation as to the origin of the constellations.

Until recently it has usually been assumed that they evolved from the fancies of primitive imaginations, but research now suggests that they were designed as a pictorial scientific coordinate system.

A coordinate system is a set of imaginary lines for measuring positions, like the lines of latitude and longitude for determining locations on the earth.

These constellations are widely thought to be the precursors of the modern Signs of the Zodiac.

There is a circle of about 36 radius in the southern part of the sky which does not contain any of the original 48 constellations.

That implies that the originators of the constellations lived at about 36 north latitude because at that location, exactly such an area of southern sky would be invisible to them.

Moreover, the centre of that circle moves very slowly through the sky because of the motion of the earth's axis.

The location of the centre of the empty part of the sky implies an origin date of about 2,900 B. Many of the constellations are tipped at an angle to the natural directions of north, east, south and west.

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Perhaps also no coincidence that the longitude of Nimrud is also the same as the exterior angle of both Snoferu's pyramids.

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