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In the preceding example, an administrator for an ISP delegated a reverse lookup zone to, and an administrator for must therefore configure a classless reverse lookup zone.

Figure 6.11 shows how would configure its classless reverse lookup zone.

Figure 6.10 Reverse Lookup Delegations You can delegate and create classless reverse lookup zones from within the DNS console.

For information about any of the IP addressing concepts discussed in the following sections, see "Introduction to TCP/IP" in this book.The Active Directory Installation wizard does not automatically add a reverse lookup zone and PTR resource records, because it is possible that another server, such as the parent server, controls the reverse lookup zone.You might want to add a reverse lookup zone to your server if no other server controls the reverse lookup zone for the hosts listed in your forward lookup zone.If you own one class C address, and you want to distribute the addresses in the range to several different groups (for example, branch offices), but you do not want to manage the reverse lookup zones for those addresses, you would create classless reverse lookup zones and delegate them to those groups.For example, suppose that an ISP has a class C address and has given the first 62 addresses to Reskit.

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For example, if you have only one class C network identifier (even if you have subnetted your network), it is simplest to organize your reverse lookup zones along class C boundaries.

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