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The short period of time between couples ranges by event.Each participant has a sheet of paper on which they note "interested" or "not interested".If you've been on a gay app for awhile, you know the stalker well: they are apt to be at all hours of the night, glancing at your profile and your photos without ever saying a word.You see them on your visitor's list early and often but are never able to catch them in the act — or worse, you get blocked when you try to confront them.But Scorpio men do have a way about them that results in one of two effects on my person: I am either very repulsed by them, or very freaked out by them.Scary -- and that sounds like a good lead-in if I've ever written one.I didn't know this breed of Scorpio existed until I was in my late 20s, but before you get the impression I mean this in an Alan Alda sort of way -- no, nuh-uh.Sensitive Scorpio is just better at expressing his emotions than his Mr.

Tread carefully if you aren't into no strings attached situations.The organizer of the event gathers the comments at the end of the event.They look for possible matches and after two or three days contact each participant to see if they are interested in dating the other person.They are often very sexy, even if they look best with a bag on the head, because they are so confident and know how to move in a way that exudes a very primal sort of slightly-unbalanced energy.And I mean that in the nicest possible way, obviously.

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