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His mature photographs reveal an interest in classical composition, learnt at Pratt, and a keen awareness of physical form.Claiming some inspiration from the photographer George Hoyningen-Huene, theatrically mannered lighting and Greek-heroic postures added exceptional dignity to his subjects, even when those subjects were a spot of energetic fisting or a black man’s enormous schlong hanging dependent from the fly of a tailored polyester suit.In 1980 Mapplethorpe made a famous pair of self-portraits.One showed a macho hunk leatherman, while the other showed the same man cross-dressed, made-up and coiffured into a femme fatale.The bulk of Mapplethorpe’s pictures of this era, which include a lot of willies, active and inert, chained, pinned, licked and bound, are, depending on your taste, exhilaratingly frank or wince-makingly disgusting.Mapplethorpe then made a second reputation, after an Aids diagnosis.Robert Mapplethorpe made his reputation as a photographer in the period between the 1969 gay-bashing raid at the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street and the identification of HIV in 1983.

Given that fair indexation was an employment condition upon enlistment and given that it is clearly affordable, why won't you index military superannuation pensions fairly? Against the strongly expressed concerns of mental health professionals, teacher unions and secular organisations, why do you allow the outrageous situation to continue where largely unqualified, religious evangelists have access to young children in public schools, in the form of the National School Chaplaincy Program?Why are heterosexual relationships more valued than same-sex relationships?Prime Minister, you discriminate against Defence Force men and women when you say the country can afford fair indexation that protects pension purchasing power for over 3 million age pensioners but cannot afford to protect the purchasing power for 65,000 military superannuation pensioners (around M in the first year).True, he took pictures of nude women, but they seem nerveless and lack sexual charge.It is quite impossible to separate Mapplethorpe’s art from Mapplethorpe’s life, but there are telling contrasts.

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