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Select the Undo Previous Process check box when you need to rerun a consolidation for a period that has already been processed.Selection of this check box clears the entries that were created by the previous consolidation for the requested processing periods.If the elimination journals are not yet posted to General Ledger, the process deletes them.If they have been posted, the process removes the amounts from the ledger before it deletes the journals. The system identifies the previous process by looking at the key fields in a consolidation process log that stores information about previous processes.: As the financial resources of the combined units are merged together, the combined unit has increased financial resources.The size of the Balance Sheet increases and the ability of the company to raise funds improves. : Increased financial strength and economies of scale achieved by a combined unit enable it to expand the business.

Creates a calculation log that contains the amounts generated by each elimination and minority interest set at each tree node.

The Minority Interest Eliminations and Adjustments report details the majority and minority parent eliminations and adjustments based on the hierarchical relationship of business units present in the tree.

Provides the ability to identify an edit error and process the consolidation again.

The large organization enjoys economies of scale in buying (quantity discounts because of bulk purchases), marketing (advertisement time in media is bought in bulk and therefore costs less) etc. : Since employees of different businesses are combined into one, there is greater depth of managerial talent available.

Better team work, balanced decisions and overall improvement in performance can be achieved.

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