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Later, James comes and they watch TV where it's said that a con-man was discovered operating in Arbor Falls and it's believed that he may have moved on to Mesa Flats.Next morning, Stephen decides to work out a bit and then he invites Rachel out. While Rachel is asking Gordon whom he's gonna invite to the Masquerade, Gordon comes and interrupts them. Another day, Stephen decides to give attention to Diva so he plays with her a bit.

After Gordon found out that Diva is Stephen's cat, he says to him to keep her away and that he should also stay away from Rachel.

The next day, Rachel comes and invites Stephen to Club Z.

After he meets her there, he sees that Gordon is also there with Erin.

After Rachel and Stephen sing a karaoke together, Gordon comes and talks to Rachel but she doesn't want to do anything with him.

Stephen then decides to kiss Rachel so that Gordon leaves her alone.

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