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Being strong personalities, they will push each other, trying to be at least an inch above the other.Each of them wants to become a jockey on the front of the range, but neither of them will agree to scoop manure for the horses. " - This phrase will become so popular among a couple of Sagittarians, which will be pronounced more often than "Good morning, darling! Sometimes, Sagittarians individuals get tired of quarreling, agree to live on a powder keg tiresomely and not very pleasantly.As practice shows, the first option is unfortunately much more common...According to the compatibility horoscope, it is clear there is something good in a union of two Sagittarians - their life is never drab, boring, dull, or monotonous.Zodiac sign Capricorn does not like sentimentality.

its like our souls are together in one body.u can have more sex in feb/ anyway.more sags lol....thats it simple.are very special..

God made us the closest to him if u can say that lol ophiucus/sags are diffrent no doubt.are stars! I'm a Sag female and I've kicked my Sag male out of the house 3 times. Neither of us have had a decent night sleep and hopefully we'll skip the fight tonight and go straight to sleep. Our relationship is wonderful but was rocky for a lil while... Good Luck other double bipolar sag couples lol This article is indirectly suggesting that sags are bipolar!

Once u learn each other n love each other we u won't say painful things... Well I'll have you know, sags are actually tripolar.. #Team Sagittarius#You Cant Sit With Us#You Wish You Were ASag#Dont Hate What You Aint If two fire signs like sags decide to be with one another, they need to learn when to bite back their tounge...

Sagittarius will like his woman for the fact that she listens to him very carefully, not interrupting and not making comments - and not every woman can do this.

Respect for the Capricorn woman, climbing through waves in his chest, will quickly turn into love - he will see in her a soft, very obedient and attentive friend, which he lacked before their meeting.

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Only equivalent roles and strictly verified distribution of responsibilities in joint activities can make this union ... The territory on which they exist will soon be divided and fenced, while the time of guard for each other is in doses, and contribution to a common cause will always be measured and compared...

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