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This scenic trans-coastal highway winds through the tropical forest of majestic mahogany trees, giant ferns, and bamboo.

Along this route, visitors will find lookouts, picnic areas, jungle waterfalls, and a staffed roadside center at Maison de la Forêt.

Terre-de-Bas is the western island of Les Saintes and features small fishing villages swimming beaches and hiking trails.

Two hours is sufficient to cross the island, which is considered one of the most natural and wild in the Guadeloupe archipelago.

Hot springs, mud pools, and fumaroles punctuate its barren black sides.

One section of the park is strung with rope bridges leading through the canopy with spectacular views over the mountainous terrain.

Points of interest include 17th-century Fort St-Charles (also called Fort Louis Delgrès), the town square (Place du Champ d'Arbaud) and its adjoining park Jardin Pichon, and the Cathedral of St. Overlooking town, the suburb of St Claude is home to large colonial mansions, former homes of the fugitive French aristocratic families who founded sugar plantations in the 18th century.

Hiking trails ascend the volcanic massif with sea views.

The pastel-colored houses and brightly-painted fishing boats (saintoises) provide excellent photo opportunities.

At the island's main village, Bourg des Saintes, "Sugarloaf" volcanic hill overlooks a curved blue bay fringed by white sands.

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