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” So I started reading, listening to tapes, going to seminars. And I started to work on my ‘presentation’ of myself. Buy nice clothes (don’t tell me that you don’t have the $$$.I now think that it’s important to get EVERY POSSIBLE thing going for you that you can. get on e Bay, go to the Nordstrom Rack and look at the clearance items.I bought this trick torch lighter that makes a huge flame. So what do you think happened the first time I went out with it? All the rest has flowed from my attitude and confidence. So I began by creating self image exercises based on NLP and Timeline therapy, and doing them all the time.(Read Frogs Into Princes by Bandler and Grinder and The Secret of Creating Your Future By Tad James) I also started keeping a personal journal of everything that I was learning and doing, so I could reflect on it.By the way, go read the chapter in Think and Grow Rich about the Mastermind as well. ” Those of you that know what I’m talking about say Amen, please.(I had to say that for us) I decided recently to start studying comedy, as I’ve found that women respond to it better than any other thing in the whole goddamn entire universe.

I asked “If I were the type of woman that I would like to seduce (I like super hot, very intelligent women), what would make me want to be with a man?

You don’t have to have perfect teeth, but make sure that they’re clean and that your breath is great.

Learn what nice shoes are, and how to keep them nice.

It is not meant to save you or the world, and much of what I say may not appeal to you. It ALL works for me, IN THE REAL WORLD, and has been used over and over and over to get me laid. You don’t need to argue with any of it, unless of course you’re feeling insecure. I made the decision about two and a half years ago that I needed to get the area of my life ‘handled’ called ‘dealing with women.’ So I made a decision and a commitment to myself and my best friend that I would do whatever it took to learn and ‘figure this out.’ (Read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Chapter #1 for more on this mindset).

Background: I had always had ‘girlfriends by default’ as Ross Jeffries calls them.

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I purposely go out and seek guys who are highly successful with women (from anywhere I can find them, not only those on the SS list by a long shot) and do my best to get them on the subscriber list.

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