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In the meantime, they say they are prepared for shortages because they’re not using their entire allocations.

Metro says it can take a 40 percent cut without having to pump additional groundwater, and Oro Valley says it wouldn’t have to pump more groundwater for at least 15 years.

They plan to spend about million to build 13 miles of pipeline, wells and other infrastructure to deliver that water directly to their customers by the early 2020s.

Today, they use CAP water stored underground as credits, allowing them to pump groundwater elsewhere.

It sets aside another one-third of its annual, 144,000 acre-foot CAP allocation.

Since it only uses two-thirds of its annual supply, and has another 10,000 acre-feet of treated contaminated water available annually from the south side, the city can take a 40 percent CAP cut without having to pump more groundwater, Tucson Water Director Timothy Thomure said. In 2015, Tucson used about 40,000 acre-feet less water total than in 2006, and today uses about the same amount of water as it did in 1980 even though the utility serves about 300,000 more people, said Wally Wilson, Tucson Water’s lead hydrologist.

Some, including Tucson, could survive a 40 percent cut for years without a pinch, officials say.

That sent a flood of brown and rusty colored water into living rooms.

It led to the shutdown of the CAP in Tucson for nearly a decade, and to a 1995 referendum banning the direct delivery of CAP to Tucson in favor of recharging it into the ground.

That’s not due so much to brilliant planning as to the utility’s botched introduction of CAP water in the early 1990s.

Due in large part to Tucson Water’s failure to listen to consultants who urged it to thoroughly test the CAP’s impacts on existing plumbing in advance, the utility sent out corrosive water that rotted and rusted the water system’s aging pipes.

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Farmers would lose a good deal of water immediately, although they hope to survive by striking a deal with cities, perhaps by having cities pay farmers to be more water-efficient to free up some of their water.

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