Apparently the show is a ratings hit in the US and UK, each episode features three guys and three girls who will live together under one roof and only come into contact with the opposite sex through the specially created dark room, which has state-of-the-art cameras with high definition night vision technology to capture all the action.I have to admit I am a bit suss that they won’t see or hear each other outside the specified room.The ' Ragini MMS 2' star had earlier participated in the fifth season of reality show ' Bigg Boss'. She will be hosting the show and will be seen on regular basis (on the show).Every time we try something new for every season, we thought getting her (Sunny) was a good idea for the show,"a source said.The latest rumors about Strahan, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, have him stepping his game up in a big way, however, as he has been linked recently to Taraji P. Henson plays Cookie Lyon on the super-popular show , and Strahan may be among the millions of viewers that have fallen in love with the show, the character, and Henson herself.Diddy, Snoop Dogg To Watch UCLA Together This Fall?Splitsvilla, aired on MTV India, is based on the American dating reality show ' Flavor of Love'.Sunny, 32, has decided to return to the small screen as the host of MTV Splitsvilla and will replace actress Sherlyn Chopra for the upcoming (seventh) season of the dating show, a source said.

Not happy with the news being out, Bailon decided to speak out and claimed that everyone should chill out and not believe the hype.I think it was originally based on a Swedish or Dutch show. And at the nightclubs I’d frequent, line-upon-line of chicks trying to get the attention of Warwick Capper so he’d take them home and bone the crap outta them. There are some eps/clips up on youtube if you wanna take a look. The dodgy robot – which looked more like an office printer. According to TMZ, Bailon and Houghton started dating after the Grammy award winning following his divorce from his wife of 20 years, Meleasa Houghton.The dating news comes as a shock because Houghton announced his divorce earlier this year after his wife and him could not get past his cheating behavior years ago, and because Bailon appeared in a 2013 film, Houghton had produced called: Hm...

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