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Or, maybe you’ll decide that there are too many obstacles to overcome and that the gap is too wide to bridge.Hold off meeting friends & family until you’re sure If you’re anxious about your partner meeting your friends and family put it off until you have confidence in the relationship and then see what happens.‘I’m probably more of an intellectual snob than anything else – I’ve never been attracted to anyone who hasn’t been to university…which I guess probably makes me the wanker.’ ‘I don’t think that Tamsin says that following issues can cause uncomfortable class-based issues to arise: Unconsciously seeking a familiar dynamic ‘Often, we unconsciously try to recreate inter-relational patterns we have encountered during childhood in our adult relationships.

It was probably a main contributor to our eventually breaking up.’ She says that she was disappointed in herself that his family’s situation irked her so much.

And Tamsin says that as long as you share certain key core values with your partner, it doesn’t have to impact at all.

‘Class is not an accurate way to predict relationship compatibility (and it’s not so easy to define as it once was).

Rosie* was with Sean for a large part of their time at university and says that although their backgrounds weren’t a problem at the beginning, they soon became an issue.

‘It only became apparent when we discussed if we were to have children,’ she tells uk.

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Your fears may be unfounded – you might find that your friends and family don’t care as much about the differences as you thought, and that they see what you see in your partner and are happy for you.

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