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Those who did know this often created secondary accounts --one for legitimate dates and another for their secret sexploits.

In addition to eliminating Intimate Encounters entirely, they are also only going to allow members to messages singles who are 14 years their senior or junior.

One of theses features, Intimate Encounters (IE), was a subset of Plenty of Fish for those explicitly seeking sexual partners without having to shoulder the burden of a relationship.

To make a dating site work, the site must first have viable options for people to date.

Plenty Of, which holds the #1 dating site ranking in multiple countries including the U.However, it also allows them to focus on retention of customers rather than constantly having to attract new singles.Plenty of Fish also has led the pack on innovation for many years offering many options for communication to serve the varied interests of users.Only like 3 percent of the members even know POF has forums. Try and work out a deal with management to maybe even allow a POF drink special etc... If you want help on a fancy event thread contact me as I often help POF event hosts with their event threads.Read the rules posted in your local forum (CO) under singles events and just use the Create Party link and make an event. But you can get no replies to a thread here and have hundreds show up for an event.

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Just try and pick a fun venue with music and a bar.

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