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Some time during a 10–15 million-year period, lava flow after lava flow poured out, eventually reaching a thickness of more than 1.8 km (5,900 ft).As the molten rock came to the surface, the Earth's crust gradually sank into the space left by the rising lava.In the middle Miocene, 17 to 15 Ma, the Columbia Plateau and the Oregon Basin and Range of the Pacific Northwest were flooded with lava flows.

As hot mantle plume materials rise and reach lower pressures, the hot materials melt and interact with the materials in the upper mantle, creating magma.Customers are encouraged to contact their banking institution with questions concerning the online banking option.The City of Portage continues to offer automatic bill payment (bank drafting) for utility (water or sewer) customers.Once that magma breaches the surface, it flows as lava and then solidifies into basalt.Prior to 17.5 million years ago, the Western Cascade Stratovolcanoes erupted with periodic regularity for over 20 million years, even as they do today.

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When making an online banking payment, please reference the specific customer account number shown on the City of Portage billing statement (utility account number, parcel number, etc.) to ensure the payment is applied to the appropriate account.

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