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Which means that the House of Grimaldi is looking at yet another child conceived out of wedlock.Which means that Andrea was given a choice: your girlfriend can have your baby and we’ll even throw her some money, but the kid will never be in the line of succession, OR you can marry this girl quickly and the baby will be born in marriage and “legitimized” in the eyes of the Catholic Church, and if it’s a boy, the boy will be the second in line to the throne. And what an interestingly political choice he made. Prince Albert is now watching his back – his young, (presumably) healthy nephew will have a young, rich, fertile wife and a newborn baby, all by the end of the year.Two days ahead of the wedding, Lauren Santo Domingo, Tatiana’s aunt and a contributing editor to American Vogue, posted a photo on social media of the bride-to-be and her friends.The group, who included the fashion designer Margherita Missoni, 30; Noor Fares, 27, a Lebanese jewellery designer, and scion of the Greek shipping family Eugenie Niarchos, 27, all posed on the deck of Princess Caroline of Monaco’s yatch, the Pacha III.Andrea is the oldest child of Prince Caroline, and if Prince Albert and Princess Charlene don’t produce an heir, the throne of Monaco will be Andrea’s. Because Andrea and Tatiana already have a kid together – son Sacha. The ceremony was held within the walls of the Prince’s Palace, an ornately decorated fortress originally built by the Genoese in 1215. All I know is that Sacha is considered a “legitimate” heir to the Monaco throne and none of Prince Albert’s out-of-wedlock babies are even contenders. But we do have details about it: There was not a crown to be seen, and no massed ranks of European royals.

The celebration, that was held on the beaches of Baru and in the city of Cartagena, was attended by 300 guests including the President of Colombia.She currently works as a stylist, running an online boutique named Muzungu Sisters – the word “muzungu” means traveller in Swahili – and is a regular on the front row at international fashion exhibitions.Her husband, second in line to the throne after his mother, has lead an equally gilded existence in the company of his siblings.*Photo of Tatiana and Andrea from 2011, at Albert and Charlene’s wedding.Several weeks ago, Princess Caroline of Monaco announced her eldest son’s engagement.

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