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Ti Vo users can expect the new updated apps to appear today on their Ti Vo Roamio, Ti Vo Mini and Ti Vo Premiere devices.Ti Vo users who receive a Ti Vo box from their cable provider can use the updates on their Ti Vo T6, Quad, Preview, Ti Vo Mini, and XG1 devices.it's only a small upgrade, as Virgin Media has previously made a big step forward in this area, but it's arguably the most responsive-feeling interface of its kind now.Apps should be quicker too, and more up-to-date as well, thanks to support for HTML5 support, replacing the previous flash-based apps.Virgin Media's powerful Ti Vo set top box has been with us for four years now.In that time the interface has received only minor tweaks really, but now it's getting a bigger overhaul.Broadband Internet connection is required to access and receive streaming content.Availability of third-party content from streaming sources is subject to change, and certain third-party fees may apply.

Plex – With the Plex app now available on Ti Vo, it’s easier than ever to view the media you’ve stored on your computer on your HD big screen.

Another big change here is the addition of a Partially Watched folder, this compiles all the recordings you've watched part way, with the most recently watched at the top.

It has a progress bar for each episode, so you can see how far you've got.

The main menu has been rejigged to better reflect the viewing habits of its customers - thanks to the constant feedback that Virgin Media gets from the Ti Vo system, a recurring theme in the update.

The TV Guide is at the top still, but is now followed by Catch Up and On Demand options, giving you more immediate access to streamed content.

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To manually update your Samsung device, follow these two easy steps: 1.

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