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- finally, if the #4-type XB Toll switch were in Canada, Hawaii, or for an independent (non-Bell) telco within the continental US, that too is specifically noted.

As with the previous column indicating the switch's class/rank within the network, the "trailer" digits may have changed as a particular switch may have moved 'up' or 'down' in the network hierarchy over the years.With divestiture, management of the CLLI code assignments went with Bellcore (now Telcordia) Language Standards; ALSO, it _IS_POSSIBLE_ that a CLLI code used at one time for a switch that has been retired _COULD_ be re-used for a new switch] - the third column is the "rank" or "classification" of the switch within the DDD network hierarchy, _AS_OF_ the 1976 timeframe.The switch listed may have been 'higher' or 'lower' within the network hierarchy prior to 1976, as well as after 1976 (before its retirement).Also, it didn't really matter what type of 'equipment' the toll or tandem switch had for the trailer digit(s) - all that mattered was the NPA the switch was located in and the switch's "rank" in the network's hierarchy.Also, the NPA's digits listed here as quoted in the trailer may not necessarily have been the actual NPA at the time of switch installation, nor during continued service of the switch, due to various NPA-splits throughout 1950's, the 1965 FL 305/904 split, and the 1973 VA 703/804 split, or any of the 1980's/early-90's era NPA-splits.

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