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His most famous character sported a flashy Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date President in 18-karat yellow gold, but a stainless-steel Submariner for the actor?

"It’s a sensitive, conservative, timeless choice," notes Adams.

"A watch is really a piece of your personality; at that lowest point, to steal anything is horrible, but something that’s also so reflective of your personality?

That’s pretty despicable." The value of Gandolfini’s Rolex has been estimated at ,000, a figure likely derived from the insurance form submitted when the theft was reported.

Born and raised in Italy, Ciani is ambivalent about a quick or successful resolution to the case.

"One of the reasons I left Italy is because I was robbed of 0,000 by two people who worked for me; even at that amount, my lawyers told me, ‘Let it go, or you’ll be in court for 10 years.’ That’s why you have a lot of small crime in Italy, because they know the chance of prosecution is also small." If there’s any aspect to emerge from this story that doesn’t inspire Tony Soprano-level fury, it’s the reminder that the watch Gandolfini favored indeed mirrored his personality.

Schirripa • Federico Castelluccio • John Ventimiglia • Joe Pantoliano • Robert Funaro • Kathrine Narducci • Vincent Curatola • Steve Buscemi • Frank Vincent • Dan Grimaldi • Joseph R.The serial number is checked and, if it’s reported as stolen, that piece is automatically flagged.A case proceeds from there." Until the trial unfolds, such a process could very well be what led police to Bevilacqua, Ronen surmises.Poignant anecdotes dominated the news that emerged in the days following James Gandolfini’s death in June 2013: how he worked with wounded veterans both in front of and behind the camera (most famously when producing the 2007 HBO doc ) or his quiet support for numerous charities.Almost three years later, we’re reminded of Gandolfini’s death not because of what can emerge from the best of humanity, but rather how it’s revealed the worst.

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