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Jamie told Men’s Health, “I’m freakishly competitive, so I set a date to achieve a certain weight or fitness….I have a tendency to punish myself in my workout, which is hard when you want to keep something up all year round.” I love this guy!When asked why he works out in the AM, he said, “I love the idea of the whole day being in front of you and not having to think about it — just getting up and going…I love the feeling of having that muscle burn.” Let this be a lesson to you: just because you don’t have a work out partner or a personal trainer doesn’t mean you can’t look like a superhero. I can’t tell you how important music is to me in the gym.It allows me to block out all distractions, put on my favorite song, and use the motivation from the music to help me through the stronger lifts.

He finds a great spot to run wherever he is to keep his body constantly guessing and his mind away from boredom.If you’ll notice, he talks quite a bit about interval training, explained further below.Jamie’s Men’s Health Interview Video Weight lifting Jamie works out in the mornings by himself with just his i Pod. I put in my headphones, I keep my head down, and my do my thing.Just make sure you keep the intensity up BIG time, keep the time between sets 60 seconds or less, and keep your range of repetitions between 6 and 12 to build maximum muscle size.Running Jamie loves it, I love it, you should learn to love it.

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